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Am I a Romper?

I am the best friend of beach lovers. Easy to wear and carry.

Therefore am suitable for beachwear / resortwear.


A romper suit also known as the playsuit is a one-piece or two-piece combination of shorts and a shirt or a blouse.

Difference between a romper, playsuit and jumpsuit

A while ago, I found a very interesting write-up about differences between the Romper, Jumpsuit and the Play-suit. Till date i have used them interchangeably. So here I am sharing the article with you..

To read the entire write-up - click here

Over the years, we have been making rompers / jumpers / playsuits of several lengths and sizes with varying styles / fabrics / colors / prints.

Stories of my romper colleagues (creation and production):

We may seem like an easy thing to create and produce. However since we are the shorts plus the blouse, our measurements have to be super perfect.

In the sampling room we hear comments like.

1) too tight from the crouch

2) add an extra inch to the body

3) Lets do a ruffle at the bust line.

4) Lets try a one shoulder blouse on the romper

5) May be we can we can keep the pants at ¾ length.

6) The Modal Jersey will look look chic.

And it goes on and on….

But as the sun rises every morning, and somewhere on some beach, some pretty smiles in the rompers will leave us in peace, to rest on the beach, as they walk away into the sea.

Meanwhile if you think that you have not had enough of me (the romper / jumpsuit / playsuit), then send me your ideas / designs / styling.

Thanks & regards,

Rajeev M.

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