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Eden Garden Exports - The Story

Exporting Beach and Resort Fashion Worldwide since 1977!!! Make In India Beachwear

Fashion is cyclical, sometimes over the years and sometimes over decades. And yet, each day gets an unknown path of more creativity and awesomeness to recreate our passion for Beach and Resort Fashion.

This is our success story through our struggle and failures, our story about quality problems and delayed deliveries, our story about claims and defaulters that has made us sheen though the world economic crises and evolve into the creators of Simply the Best Looking Beach Fashion.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients and vendors for their continual support and knowledge sharing to make us what we are today.

2005 to the present.

Things are not looking very good as the economic crises are beginning to set in and the buying quantities have dropped substantially. The earlier generation who are till date the inspiration and building roots of the company are passionate about doing large quantities.

In 2005, we have an addition Mr. Gautam Ram Mansukhani who is the out of the box thinker. And most importantly optimistic that’s businesses evolve over time. He is a staunch believer that clients are core strength of the company. Product, production, finance and general management will take good shape only if we work with the best brands of the world. So when the rest of us pursued quantities, larger markets, talked of the hay days, he added a new Beach Flavour to our conservational way of doing business.

All strapped up with no knowledge of the product, he ventures into unknown beaches across the world to feel the pulse of the new wave that would have us surf through difficult times. He uncovers here the story of ‘all of us’ who regardless of our phases in life find peace, tranquility, joy and fun just sitting back and chilling at the beach. He unearths the fact that beach lovers are hungry to look beautiful on the beach.  And there are beach companies that are getting it so perfectly. He eventually realizes that specialty Beach Coverups, Beach Shirts, Beach Dresses, Beach Kaftans, Beach Tunics, Rompers, Specialty scarves / sarongs  etc.  will fill in the gap and for ever change the way we do business. And yes we are in India, the epicenter of producing among the best garments in the world. And we at Eden Garden Exports possess the expertise as well.

So instead of spending time over marketing plans, fashion trends,  etc, he buries himself into the sands, searches all waters deep and shallow, alas hunts J every prospect down. Now buckled with an infrastructure of being able to make samples, delivering quality goods and also excess capacityJ, he is on the front foot changing the way Indian exporters looked at international markets in the Beach Arena.

And in the journey we worked with fabrics in woven and knits, in Cottons, polyesters, modal, viscose, silks, lace fabrics, machine and digital printing, all sorts of embroideries. 

And here we are today, working with some of the best brands in the world.  WOW!!! My office is the only place I like more than the beach!!! 

Our 2013 addition is a bright and more grounded guy, Rohan Shah. He has a flair of getting things done perfectly. Interestingly he moved very quickly into servicing several of our current clients all by himself. His eagerness to learn and keen interest in minute details has quickly made him the NEW RESORTWEAR EXPERT. One of his true achievements has been his concentration on improving customer businesses. And therefore there has been a substantial amount of growth with the clients he services. So as the economic crises continue to drain away competition, we are doing some excellent fashion for the Best of Best Beach Companies.

Ram Mansukhani started EDEN GARDEN EXPORTS with his sister Kamla Mansukhani, brother Late Shyam Mansukhani and his friends V.R.Shah and Kishan Jagwani.

He had made a dream team. Kamla Mansukhani took care of the accounts, Kishan Jagwani managed documentation. V.R. Shah and Mr. Shyam Mansukhani took care of the entire production system

And one day a client in Spain gave him a piece of cloth that he called sarong / pareo. Surprisingly it was exactly the same size like dupattas used in the Indian dresses. He knew instantly that he could create and offer so much in just that piece of cloth that he could have the beaches around the world raving at the superb things India could offer for the beach.  And thus started the beach and resort business.

He stumbled over several products that were exported from India from the handicraft of Moradabad to the accessories and bags from Calcutta to the Kanga prints for African markets. Eden Garden Exports did it all and thus we believe that the ‘Make In India’ story is for real.

Well will be back in a bit… Time to slip away into the Arabian Sea and soak under the sun at the BEACH!!!  Meanwhile you can drop me a message...

Contact Us... Just around the next wave… 

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