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Quality Statement

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This is one area where you shall find decorum and stringent norms that are as per international quality standards.

Infact for us it is not a standard, quality is our style statement. We pride ourselves with a strong team of quality controllers who are incentivised to track down productions and disallow any deliveries that do not adhere to quality standards.

We shall stand by the goods we deliver even after we have received full payments. A lot of hammering from client and ridiculously expensive claims have straightened us up and made us put our act together.

Sampling Department

We house two pattern makers and two skilled sample makers. Maqbool Master - Patten Maker

He has worked with Eden Garden Exports for 25 years. Several years of dedication and experience in working with the best brands in the world has mad him perfect. His patience and eye for perfect garments makes him truly admirable.

Alum Master - Patten Maker

He has worked with us for 3 years and has an experience of 15 years. He never fails to surprise me with his solutions to difficult problems. He quickly is able to point out if a measurement will work for the garment.


Musamil and Aslum –

They stitch the samples in the sample room. They are able to manage the patterns, cut the fabrics and perfectly sew the samples.

They work on six machines and create the magic that we present as EDEN GARDEN EXPORTS products.

Production Department

Uncertainties are a certain element of production. It completely amazing how Indian companies like EDEN GARDEN EXPORTS are able to get “almost” all their deliveries out of the door on schedule.  

Thankyou  Eliyahu M. Goldratt to introduce us to the theory of constraints (TOC)

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