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Sourcing and Procurement Methodology

We follow the teaching of Bruce Lee ‘Be Like Water’. 

And I have realized that we at EDEN GARDEN EXPORTS are like water. As our only Resort-wear manufacturing drive is to make YOU, the beach lovers look beautiful and slip into fashion the way you like it.

We are a family run business and have grown from strength to strength.  The great supporting additional family members are our clients and vendors. Their demand on perfection and focus on maximizing EDEN GARDEN EXPORTS interest has streamlined procurement methodologies and is continuously reinventing the best places of sourcing.

This along with our industry credit worthiness and economies of scale gives us a competitive advantage on negotiating the best prices with vendors and living up to our client’s price expectations.

Our Fabric Sourcing includes.

  • Woven and Knit Lenzing Modal from Austria.

  • Woven Cottons, Viscose and their blends from Bhiwandi, Maharashtra and Coimbatore.

  • Woven Polyester from Surat, Gujurat.

  • Woven Silks and Silk blends from China.

  • Accessories such as buttons, laces and lace fabrics from Mumbai, Surat, Delhi.

  • Cotton / Viscose Knits and their blends from Tirupur.

  • Polyester Knits and their blends from Ludhiana, Punjab

We print Digital printing (Inkjet) and Machine on all the above fabrics.

Machine Printing

  • Minimum quantity:  3000 meters in 3 colorways in a single print. Approximately 1500 pieces per print.  

  • You can send us your designs for development. You can send a cutting to match the colors of printing or you can provide us with the pantone number of the print color. When we receive your print, we shall develop the print and send you the a strikeoff for color approval. Then based on your comments, we shall either do a strikeoff, print the fabric for production or Samlesman samples.

  • Lead time: It take us 3 weeks to get the first strikeoff. Meanwhile we get prepare patterns and get fit approvals. Once you have approved the print, we can right away start to print the fabric for production / salesman samples.

Digital printing 

We have a printing capacity of 20000 meters a month. A number of our customers have moved digital printing for the following reasons

  1. We only need 200 meters to print your design.

  2. A print can have as many colors as you want.

  3. Colors are more vibrant with digital printing.

  4. You can have several prints in small quantities instead making select prints in a large quantity.

  5. Over the years, digital printing has become inexpensive

  6. Digital printing gives you the freedom to adapt the prints to your styling. So you can have several styling in the same print. The artwork of the print can be recreated to fit your styling. Further you can use multiple prints in one single style.

  7. You can also select from our wide range of prints.

  8. We can print on all woven fabrics.

Cold Garment Dying

There has been a surge of demand on this sort of dying. Garments are made in white and then dyed the required color.

We make these garments in cotton, viscose, silks and cotton silks.

Patterns are adjusted to take into account the shrinkage of the garment during the dying process. Each fabric shrinks differently and therefore the sample is first made in your measurement and dyed. Then the pattern is changed.

This gives the Tunics / Kaftans / dresses a nice, casual, beachy, trendy look.  The most interesting attribute however is unlike regular tye dyes, we are able to offer FLOURESCENT COLORS as well.

We need a minimum of 200 pieces per colorway for dresses / tunics. For shorts / skirts, we need 400 pieces / color.

Tye Dyes

Tye dyes never go out of fashion. The minimums for tye dyes is 200 pieces per combination per style.

We do tye dyes in knits and in wovens.

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