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Attractive Designs This October !!!

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

This season has always been a fashionista's season

With so many vibrant colors it can sure get difficult to pick up the right set of prints for your designs.

Here's a list of some of the top designs we came across and thought you might like too.


Gretchen Scott Designs

Based in New York, this brand is all about bright colors and prints. Their designs mostly include bright colors, flower prints and earthly designs.

See the collection


Taj by Sabrina Crippa

Based in Miami, Taj by Sabrina is a luxury brand launched by Sabrina Crippa. Combining her passion for travelling and fashion the Italian designer creates some of the most colorful designs with intricate details.

Some of her collection includes

See the entire collection


Beach Life Miami

Based in Miami - Florida, this Beachwear brand strives to effortlessly combine function and Fashion, their clothing is specifically tailored for beach activities

Here's a look at some of their recent designs

See the entire collection


Siin Boutique

Based in New York - This brand is all about setting trends, with their minimalist and trendy designs, they're perfect for everyday lifestyle.

Some of their recent designs include.

See the entire collection


-Rajeev. M.

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