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Getting the Wave Dyed Garments Right !!

Let quality do the talking

We believe in making beautiful beach garments with the perfect quality.

Our journey at Eden Garden Exports and our ever increasing demanding and appreciative clients have inspired and endowed us with expertise to manage the most difficult production cycles.


Here is a story of a beach dress and our learning from it.

It seems to be a simple garment to manufacture and a 5000 pieces order made us very happy.

Delivery Time: 75 days

Steps to make the garment.

  • Procure the fabric and lace

  • Half stitch the garment

  • Add Embroidery to the garment

  • Complete the stitching of the garment

  • Cold Dye the garment.

  • Add the labels, pack and ship

Note: I have not mentioned quality control since we have Quality Control checks at every step. I will address each step separately.

  1. Procure the fabric and lace – receive fabric on day 10 We calculate the fabric and laces required. We order 10% extra since rejections in cold dye garments are from 5 - 8%

  2. Half stitch the garment day 10-40, we make 1500 pieces every 10 days Below bust the garment is bias so we must ensure that we have enough length to reshape the garment and also take into consideration the shrinkage of the fabric and the lace during embroidery and cold dying, Also we must pre wash the lace to ensure that it shrinkage in the washing process in minimal.

  3. Add Embroidery to the garment – day 21 – day 50 We keep the sides open and then start the embroidery on day 21. The pieces need be ironed before the embroidery starts. So that the placement of the embroidery is perfect. We need to use nylon thread and polyester thread for embroidery since it is stronger than nylon and cotton. The color of the embroidery thread is the final color of the garment (the color that it is finally cold dyed in).

  4. Complete the stitching of the garment Day 30- 55 The garment is now completed. The cutting, embroidery and completing the stitching is planned in a way that we are able to color wise complete the garments so that the dying of the first color can start as soon as 40 days. So for example color blue is 1500 pieces and I was able to start dying of color blue on the 40th day and the other colors were given for dying on 47th and 55th day.

  5. Cold Dye the garment. – day 40-60 We start to receive the garments from day 45 and then check the garments to check if the dying is done well. All pieces that are stained need to be redyed. Other are rejected if torn in the dying process.

Add the labels, pack and ship Only the perfect garments now need to be ironed, reshaped and labels are added. This process would be complete on day 65 and the final production is to be delivered on day 75.

In the end we have a rejection of 7.8%.

But we are absolutely pleased with the perfect garments that we send out.

-Rajeev M.

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