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Creating the perfect Beach Kaftan (Caftan).

We are not here to educate you.

We are not here to tell you what style best fits your brand and markets. Your business knows your brand and markets a lot better then we can advice or predict.

We are only making an honest effort to share our experience and gain more expertise in making the best Beach Fashion. Having said that we are currently working with the most reputed beach Fashion brands of the world.

Our productions are displayed in multi brand stores as NY&C, Macy’s in the USA, El Corte Ingles In Spain to name a few.


Digitally printed Kaftans.

When we endeavored on this exciting journey, we were amazed at the ease at which we could print unlimited colors on a fabric. Further the minimum quantities were smaller and we were able to realize the garments in no time.

However in 2010, digital printing was expensive and even though we were thinking that we would be able to satisfy all imagination of our entire customer base, we hit the price point hurdle.

Over the years however the printing prices relaxed as the number of digital printers increased. Besides a number of companies realized that in a highly competitive market, they need to carry more prints. Prints must be vibrant and in a number of cases match the Lycra fabric.

Digital printing offered brighter results and matching could be easily adjusted.

Here are a few stories of the challenges we faced with digital printing.

Fabric : Viscose Georgette

Embroidery : None

The Challenge:

Viscose Georgette is very delicate.

As we know in digital printing, the back side of the fabric remains partly plain. Since the yarn was so delicate, after printing it kept turning, showing the plain back on the front of the garment. At first it appeared to be a print defect. We spoke to several digital printers and researched for a solution.

However the printers insisted that this was the nature of the fabric and could not be controlled. Finally we looked up the best manufacturer for the Viscose Georgette who used only good quality yarn for the fabric. And we had our solution. The fabric yarn did not turn after printing and we had solved this problem.


Fabric : Polyester Georgette

Embroidery : on the neck

Polyester Georgette is relatively easy to print compared to its viscose counterpart. We use it for 2 reasons.

  1. Sampling - the first samples and salesman samples are made using digital printing. When the quantities are larger, we convert the prints o regular printing.

  2. Productions - If quantities are smaller and there are several styles in the same print. We would need to change the artwork to fit the styling. And therefore we need to print digital.


Fabric : Viscose / Cotton woven

Embroidery : None

Garment Type : Girls Kaftan

Add- ons : Pompom and laces

The Story / Challenge

Cottons / Viscose are soft fabrics. We use them a lot for kids kaftans.

The key for kids Kaftan is to have it a easy to wear, nice vibrant colors, good laces, and perfect fits. Kids sizes are 2 to 16. And the challenge here is that we must ensure the best feel and we do not use any embroidery materials that are hazardous.

Kids garments are small and digital printing offers all the perfection of print management as per garment styling. This is super exciting as I increase the size of the print in every alternate size. So you get size 14 with the same look and feel of size 16.

Rajeev M.

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